A Glimpse At Tanning Bed Bulbs

A tanning lamp can be a single lamp just like the lamp you uses in rooms to emit UV light. It used for tanning bed and also emits UV light. These tanning bed bulbs emit UV light to evoke the melanin pigment production which is done by melanocyte cells. Melanin is dark pigment responsible for tanning skin when exposed to sunlight. It is also the pigment present as to why some people have hair, skin and iris of the eye in dark colors. People with high melanin are known to be dark and people who have less are the whites. Using this tanning bed bulbs it will only take you 5 minutes or so to get the desired tan you wanted unlike a 2 hours of sunlight exposure. This is the main reason as to why these lamps are made popular.

How This Works?

Inside a tanning bed is a tanning bulb that emits ultraviolet rays so as to keep you tan. It contains special ingredients like inert gases, phosphorus coatings and a little bit of mercury. As the mercury losses it stability as electricity is added to the lamps it releases energy in the form of UV rays. These UV rays are to imitate the sun’s ultraviolet light causing your skin to tan and also produce Vitamin D.

Tanning bed bulbs has a physical appearance similar to long fluorescent tubes in which it contains inert gases. These gases are coated with phosphorus and mercury. As the electricity runs over the bed it will ignite the gases resulting to release of UV from mercury. The amount of UV rays that a person is exposed will depend on the thickness of the phosphorus coating. It can be manipulated to release rays, UVA or UVB and both.

How Long Tanning Bed Bulbs Last?

Some researchers have made tests to the durability and the time these lamps would last. As the researches have revealed you can use it for about 1000 to 2000 hours only. If your tanning lamps are brand new and is to be used for about 50 hours it emits the strongest UV rays. After that 50 hour consumption its stability decreases and will still decrease as you use it in some other time. You can use UV readers so as you can know exactly the time you are to replace your tanning bulbs.

If you have purchased a tanning bed bulbs online or in offline stores you should know for a fact that it is the same as the commercial lamps used by salons. As soon as you purchase one you should be taking care of that and maintain it properly so as it will last for longer time. You can see maintenance and replacement instruction in the manual provided.

When to Replace?

It is best to replace tanning bulbs all at once. They are producing strongest efficiency and effectivity when they are new. If one bulb blacks out and you are to replace that bulb it may cause uneven tanning. Try different brands of lamps that are very long lasting. You can follow the instruction given in the manual on how to replace these bulbs. As mentioned, you can use UV reader so you may know the exact life of your lamps and no need to guess when will it to be replaced.

How to Install Tanning Bulbs?

If you are to replace your tanning bulbs and have bought the right model for your tanning lamp then you can start by plugging out electricity from the lamp. The process of replacing is very simple and easy. After shutting down electricity the next thing to do is to pop out ends of the tanning lamp or bulb and then pop the ends of the replacement bulbs. Before moving to next bulb for replacement, make sure that it is secured and locked into place. If you only have one deficient bulb you should still replace all of them so as to get the even tanning procedure.

Where To Purchase Replacement Bulbs?

You can purchase tanning bed bulbs replacement into different stores which offers it. However, the wisest thing to do is purchase replacement bulbs in the store where you bought your bed. They can give you the best about the right and specific bulb for your bed. You can also have warranties if it is part of the transaction you have agreed upon.

What Are Its Other Uses?

Aside from its tanning use, it can also have other uses such as treatment for eczema, psoriasis and other skin related conditions. The heat it produces greatly heals the rashes and skin conditions. This also the reason why people are encouraged to be somewhat exposed to sun aside from the fact that it gives Vitamin D that is good for the skin.

If you are to wonder where can you find these tanning lamps and beds then you can search to different offline and online stores out there. You can look for different tanning lamps with different designs and discounts but still have one goal- to help you obtain the tan you wanted. Before making order, you should consider to make reviews first unto the product and have comparisons to different stores. You must make details about what is the materials used to make that tanning lamps so as you can be assured that all of those are of good quality. You can have discounts and request for warranties so as if the bulb blacks out or the device malfunctions on the span of warranty you can replace it. Find the best supplier and the trusted one who will give the best deal transaction to you. Use this device to treat your skin conditions if you have or wanting to tan yourselves. However, seek help if you don’t know how to operate it. It is a way better that to get the side effects of the UV rays unto you skin because of guessing its function. Be wise, make your skin tan and get many benefits from it!