Anti- Frizz: Choose the Best Shampoo for Frizzy Hair

There are days when you wake up and your hair is all soft with a natural curl to it and all you want is to let your hair down throughout the day to let your scalp breathe. But there are days when even after all the products you slapped onto your hair; it just becomes more unmanageable by the minute with all the frizzy hair on attention. All you are left with is keeping your hair up in a messy bun or covering your hair with a hat or scarf and pray nobody would ask why you are wearing one while you traverse the aisles of your supermarkets looking for the best shampoo for frizzy hair.

Reasons for Frizzy Hair

There are a number of reasons why the hair becomes frizzy. It is especially more common during summer when humidity is at its peak. But what exactly is frizz and what causes it? Frizz is common amongst ladies with curly or wavy hair. It is that messy tangle of hair on top of your head or that hair that keeps on sprouting up no matter how much you try to smooth them down. A raised cuticle layer on your strands is to blame. Your hair appears dry because the strands swell due to moisture passing through these raised cuticle layers. In comparison, curly hair has more tendencies to develop frizz than straight hair because of dehydration. Before looking for the best shampoo for frizzy hair, you must understand how the hair strands become dehydrated.

One of the reasons why the hair becomes dehydrated is not drinking enough water. You also probably do not eat a balanced diet and lack the proteins and vitamins needed to hydrate and strengthen the hair. A poor diet reflects if your hair is all dry and frizzy and you have to remember that it is important not only to use the best shampoo for frizzy hair but also nourish your crowning glory from the inside out.

Another reason for frizzy hair is your environment. While outdoors, the biggest problems you need to combat are humidity and too much exposure to the sun. These two factors are one of the major culprits that dehydrate your strands. If you are the type who occasionally goes for a swim, chlorinated pools are also to blame. Overexposure to chlorine weakens the strands and your hair loses the ability to retain moisture thus resulting to frizz. At home, your sheets and pillowcases may also be to blame. The materials of your sheets may be one of the causes of drying when they rub against them while you are sleeping.

You can also check the recent medications you have been taking because they may be affecting the overall chemistry of your body and causing dehydration against your tresses. The hair treatments you undergo and the products you use are also to blame. Too much chemicals due to bleaching, hair coloring, and rebonding treatments can be very drying to the hair. You should also check your current shampoo, hairspray, and other products you apply to your mane. They may be the ones causing your raised hair cuticles.

How to Combat Frizzy Hair

How do you fight all these factors and get that manageable hair? Aside from buying the best shampoo for frizzy hair, you must take into consideration your eating habits. Diets that include processed and junk foods are not beneficial to your body. Pile up your plate with protein to get enough keratin. Keratin is the main protein that gives your hair structure. Include fish, lean meats, eggs, soy, and yogurt to replenish the keratin in your body. Also include vegetables and fruits for your much needed vitamins. Avoid staying too long under the strong rays of the sun. If you need to, always bring a hat or cap to protect your tresses. Get a good haircut that will be easy to wash and manage.

Choose the right products for your hair. Look for hydrating and clarifying shampoos which are the best shampoo for frizzy hair. Find deep treatment and deep conditioning products that contain vitamin E, shea butter, soy protein, or sunflower oil which all help to fight unmanageable hair and tame frizz. For styling products like hairsprays, creams, and leave- in conditioners, look for ingredients like argan oil and sunflower oil. Buy shampoos that contain natural oils.

Argan oil protects the hair cuticles from humidity while sunflower oil contains linoleic acid: a fatty acid which tames your frizzy hair. Aside from products that contain these ingredients, you can purchase them as is if you are more into using natural products. You can also use avocado oil to give moisture to your dry strands, olive oil to provide vitamin E that is good for hair growth and hydration, and coconut oil to protect the hair from losing protein.

Aside from buying the best shampoo for frizzy hair, also take time to change your sheets and pillowcases to satin or silk so that when sleeping, rubbing your hair on them will not result to frizzy hair. Use a microfiber towel so as not to disturb your hair cuticles. Protect your tendrils from further damage by avoiding too much heat on them like blow drying and hair straightening since too much heat removes the moisture from the hair strands.

Unmanageable hair can be very frustrating especially when you have done everything you can to treat it. There are times when genetics has a lot to do with your hair than the products you use or the environment. Still, the best way to combat frizzy hair is by locking in the moisture by eating right and keeping a balanced diet and choosing the best products. Nutrition has a big role on keeping your body healthy and your hair is part of it. Replenish your body with the right nutrients to keep it healthy and it will thank you in the future. Lastly, use the right shampoo and deep conditioning treatments with natural oils to lock in the moisture of your hair.