Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes: Mascara Tips You Need To Know

Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes: Mascara Tips You Need To Know

Cosmetics can already be considered as a long standing tradition or another branch of art itself as it seeks to highlight and to cater to the needs of people who want to look their best. Many products have been invented to help people from the most simple down to the most complex beauty problems they have been encountering. You have facial cream,  lipbalm, cleansers, eye shadow, moisturizer, lipstick, foundation, eyecurlers, face powder, lipshine and all other products out there, dedicated to help you feel beautiful.

One of the most sassy developments in the cosmetics industry is the mascara. It’s not enough to paint their eyelids (and their whole face for that matter). People also felt the need to emphasize the eyelashes to keep the whole look going. Mascaras are often used to accentuate the eyes. It can create the illusion of length, volume and beautiful curls, if needed. Darker, longer and more prominent eyelashes draws focus to the depth of your eyes. This is often used along with eyeliner and eye shadow. Of course, like all beauty products, you need to learn how to pick the best mascara for sensitive eyes you might have because there are different types of eyelashes and various factors you need to consider.

One In A Million: Picking Your Mascara

The use of mascara extends as far as the time of the Egyptians, where the glorification of the body and the face was of utmost importance. Experts maintain that the basic ingredients to make the best mascara for sensitive eyes are different waxes, coloring pigments and preservatives. Sometimes, the involvement of solvents in the formulation is needed because there are several types of mascara out there. You’ll even notice that there are various types of brushes you can choose from: straight, curved, comb, big, small, long, spherical, and even vibrating ones! The evolution mainly represents the different needs of people in time. Hence, you need to know what the general types are before you choose one.

For people who have almost invisible or light-colored lashes, the right mascara for you is a lengthening mascara. This type of mascara uses fibers or polymers that attaches to your eyelashes. It coats and stays at the tip so that it can emphasize the real length of the lashes. This highlighting means that you have lesser need for fake lashes because it visually extends your eyelashes. Therefore, you can say say goodbye to those fake lashes that may even cause irritation.

If you have thin lashes, on the other hand, the best mascara for sensitive eyes will a volumizing mascara. This mascara contain plumping agents that makes your eyelashes more distinctive by making them thicker. This also works for people who have light-colored lashes. A waterproof mascara, however, is what you need if you you can’t keep your hands away from your eyes. Waterproof mascara is one of the greatest innovations because it doesn’t run and spread when you encounter problems like sudden rain or the sweltering heat. The synthetic polymers in its formula create a water-resistant defense by freezing and firming around your tiny hair shafts.

If you’re going for the natural look, there are also recent developments that center on promoting eyelash growth. The lash growth mascara, though arguably new, ¬†contains ingredients with known hair growth efficacies like moroccan argan oil. This is also true for the invention of fiber mascara, which functions the same way. Although, for weak or damaged lashes, a clear mascara is the best mascara for sensitive eyes and lashes because it’s made from vitamins and plant extract, which help nourish your lashes’ health back. It contains no pigments or coloring agents because it focuses on aligning the lashes for a more natural look. It’s also wise to use a spiky comb or brush to apply the mascara so that there will be lesser clumping for the eyelashes for the best natural look.

In choosing your mascara, you have to choose the right fit for you. Choose the right color that will complement your eyes. Pick the the right brush that can shape your lashes well. When buying your mascara, make sure the developers are trust-worthy because you don’t want to end up using low-quality and fake products that can harm you.

Even the best mascara for sensitive eyes won’t work that well if you don’t know how to take care of it. As a tip, avoid pumping the brush to get the liquid out. Brushing in and out of the bottle allows air and bacteria to get in, which can dry the mascara. To make things easier, just gently tilt the brush on one side and let the solution coat it. After application, make sure to clean the brush and that the bottle is secured tightly.

If your mascara starts clumping or becomes thicker, it may mean that it’s close to its shelf life and it’s starting to dry up. In this case, never add water to it because the solution just becomes runny. The best solution is to replace it with a new one. Changing every three months is a good recommendation by most experts. If you want to prolong its life, make sure you keep it in a dark and cool storage to avoid heat exposure. However, you know you’ll have to let it go if you start smelling something foul from the bottle, regardless if it’s new or not.

The Other Road: Alternative To Mascara?

Why should you choose mascara applications over other methods? Some people say you can always try other things like eyelash tinting. (This means you dye your eyelashes.) This might be more convenient because it lasts longer and you can match your skin and hair color with it. However, using mascara is still the best option given that you can apply it at home without too much hassle or cost. The best mascara for sensitive eyes and lashes is also preferrable in terms of safety because other methods, like tinting, may cause injury or infection. Nothing can really bring out the playfulness in your eyes than your trust-worthy mascara.