Choosing the Best Hair Growth Shampoo

Choosing the Best Hair Growth Shampoo

Nothing beats a person who has beautiful hair for it is his crowning glory. Whenever you see shampoo and conditioner commercials all over the television, you would probably blurt out “How did she (to the model) do that?” Their hair seemed to be mesmerizing to the eyes and so soft to touch that you want to wish you have one. However, there are types of hair that take forever for them to grow and choosing the right and the best hair growth shampoo is such a cynical choice. Hair Growth Shampoo can help your hair grow even healthier and make unnecessary dandruff removed from your scalps that may hinder your hair from growing. There are pretty much many things why hair retards and slower its growth. This may include unclean surrounding, poor diet, poor blood circulation and genetics.

If you really desire to have a healthy and bouncy hair, then try to consider improving your way of living and go to a salon car for special treatment at least once in 2 months. Suffering from hair loss is really infuriating and frustrating but there are a lot of products in the market that can help you reverse the effects and make your hair grow beautifully as ever. But nowadays, many hair growth products are emerging and you might find it pretty disappointing to find out the best product for you. Before settling in to any kind of product, then here are the things that you might want to consider in choosing the best hair growth shampoo:

What is your Hair Type?

You always have to think about your hair type before you settle to any product. If you happened to have an oily hair, then find in the shampoo description if it’s good on you. Because just in case you have an oily yet you choose a shampoo for normal hair, it won’t suit best on you. It may ruin your scalp in some level. As for the dry hair, choose a shampoo that moisturizes your scalp and hair. The same hair treatment should be given when you are dealing with damaged and colored hair. Make it sure that the product you have chosen is something you will enjoy for a long period of time.

What is your Hair Texture?

One factor that you need to list down is your hair texture. There are some hair that is perfectly fine and straight and some has curly, wavy and thick hair. Tell honestly to yourself which category you belong to. When you start using the wrong shampoo for your hair type and texture, it will not give you the best result that you wanted to. Check the formulas at the back part of the shampoo for you to know the best hair growth shampoo fitted for your hair. For example, if you happened to have thin hair, then pick the one that can give more hair volume to plumb up the strands of your hair, promoting growth and healthiness. For wavy and curly hair, choose a moisturizing hair shampoo because they often come up dry when it is exposed to dust and pollution than the thin ones. Whatever your hair type may be, choose something that can enhance hair growth and hydrates your hair strands. It would also help if you’ll add nourishing formulas to greatly improve your hair.

Read the Ingredients

Aside from getting your personal type and texture of hair, you also have to be knowledgeable about the ingredients that is being present in the shampoo. First of all, you have to determine the effectiveness of these ingredients so that you can assure yourself that it will claim for the best outcome. One of the most popular natural ingredients in hair products are lemongrass, aloe vera, rosemary and virgin coconut oil because they have the power to stimulate the scalp and prevent hair loss. Tea tree oil also wiped out scalp pores and biotin which can uphold cell growth.

The best hair growth shampoo usually does not appear all over the commercial because they’re giving the most generic ingredients. For future references, here are some of the best hair growth shampoo that can help your hair to grow beautifully than ever:

  • Restorative Shampoo

This type o shampoo can make the natural oil hair looks even shinier. If you happened to shop around, look for the labels that say “anti-breakage,” “renewal” and “strengthening”. They have particular ingredients that will help restore the thickness of hair and seal your split ends.

  • Heat Protecting Spray

If you happened to iron your hair a lot, it is important to maintain the oiliness and moisturizing effect of the hair. Use heat protecting spray to avoid your hair from constant burning, either by the sun and by hair iron. Find a good Protecting Spray to protect your hair and adding a layer of silicone.

  • Anti-Damaging Shampoo

When you color your hair, it does have ammonia and peroxide that creates a bad smell. Not only it can have a bad odor but also, it strips out the moisture of your hair, leaving it dry. Anti-damaging shampoo can give dramatic effect on the hair, removing the odor it produced and became more resistant to drying.

  • Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner is used to make your hair even softer and easier to comb. It will also help you to become more resistant due to heat and dust. Conditioners are usually leaving the hair a more soothing effect and hide the hair split ends. When you apply hair conditioner, your hair will be shinier than ever.

Always be conscious with your hair for it adds to your beauty. Even at the simplest moments, your hair is the one thing people will come to notice. Take care of it as if it’s your life you’re holding. The cleaner your hair is, the more it will grow beautiful whatever the style or texture may be. Let your hair have the best look and let it shine to the world.