How to Choose the Best Lengthening Mascara

Women have always had an obsession with long and full eyelashes. It has been said that it makes the eyes appear more expressive and bigger. Women all want to have bigger and wider eyes and that is why there are many products and treatments that offer how to lengthen the lashes. There are advertising materials that offer various kinds of lengthening mascara, eye creams, hair follicles application, and fake eyelashes.

Eyelashes are the hairs that grow at the edges of the eyelids. These hairs act as protection for the eyes and are sensitive. They act as sensory hairs that detect whether there are foreign objects near the eyes. So aside from the fact that longer and fuller eyelashes are signs of beauty in numerous cultures, it does serve a specific function to protect the eyes.

Ways to Lengthen Eyelashes

One of the most common ways to make the eyelashes appear longer is by applying fake eyelashes. False eyelashes or falsies come in various styles. There are those which mimic a natural eyelash, there are the fuller versions, and even flimsy and creative styles. Colorful ones and bejeweled lashes are also available. False eyelashes come in a full set and individual ones. A full set is the ones which you have to apply glue on and attach fully to your eyelashes. While individual ones allow you to decide how thick your eyelashes will be because there are some who prefer to just add falsies at the flick of their eyelids. Falsies are made of fringe weave, synthetic hairs, and real human hair and they come in different sizes based on the size of your eyes.

In relation to false eyelashes, salons also offer eyelash extension services wherein hair is individually attached to your eyelashes and mimic the appearance of natural lashes. Compared to falsies, eyelash extensions last longer for about sixty to ninety days or approximately three months.

For some who want to have a more permanent set of full eyelashes, there are cosmetic surgeries that offer to do eyelash implant services. The hairs will come from the patient herself. This is a very tedious process because anesthesia is involved by getting a patch of the scalp where the hairs will be coming from. The hair tissue is separated one by one into individual hair follicular grafts. These grafts will be implanted and sewn into the upper eyelid.

The method that most women adhere to, to make the eyelashes extra long, is by using lengthening mascara. Mascaras are cosmetic products that women apply to their lashes to define and thicken them. It comes in a tube that has a wand for application. It is made of a black pigment from iron oxide and thickening waxes such as lanolin wax, paraffin wax, or other oil based products. Mascara formulas have two kinds: no- water formulas and the water- based formulas. The no- water formulas are those mascaras that are smudge proof and waterproof and the latter are the ones that are easier to flake and smudge. Compared to other methods, more women tend to use this because it looks more natural than having glued false eyelashes to the eyelids which are heavy. And good mascara is much cheaper and more sustainable than the eyelash treatments and surgeries.

Kinds of Mascara

There are actually many kinds of mascara. There is the lengthening mascara, thickening mascara, and volumizing mascara.  The lengthening mascara is best for short lashes in which the fibers in the mascara will bind to the lashes and give the illusion of longer lashes. Thickening mascara is for those with thin eyelashes in which it has a thicker consistency. On the other hand, the volumizing mascara is for those who want to achieve both long and thick eyelashes. Other kinds are curling, lash- defining, and non- clumping.

There are also three categories for these mascaras. They come in powder, cream, and liquid types. Powder mascara is added with water to desired consistency before applying to the lashes and it gives the dramatic effect of false eyelashes. Cream mascara is better for those with light and sparse eyelashes to get more volume. It does smudge easily so it requires a particular wand for application. Liquid mascaras are the most common and enhances the eyelashes to give it a curly appearance.

Tips on Buying and Preserving Mascara

When buying lengthening mascara, thickening mascara, or any mascara, make sure to check the manufacture date. Cosmetics do have their expiration date so it is better to be sure. Mascaras shelf life is one year so after a year even if you have not maximized your tube, it is more hygienic to throw them out and get another one to avoid infections and allergies. The eyes are very delicate areas so it is better to observe more caution.

Mascaras come in different wands or applicators and each one has a specific role so you need to choose which one you need. Some applicators are meant for lengthening with a short handle and thick bristles. Length and definition brushes have bristles with even spacing to easily separate lashes. Precise application wands are spherical in shape designed to apply the product to individual parts of the eyelashes. There are also thinner wands with thin bristles to imitate natural- looking eyelashes. A curved brush is better used to achieve a curled eyelash while the smallest wand available is for application on the bottom lashes.

If you want the dramatic look and still are able to let your eyelashes rest then falsies may be good for you. If you are the type who is on the go all the time and has no time to bother with applicators or glues, then you may want to consider getting eyelash extension. And if you are they type who wants a lightweight product to highlight your lashes, then good mascara is your buddy. There are so many things you can do to have longer and thicker eyelashes. It is just up to you which method applies best for you.