How to Clean a Make up Brush

How to Clean a Make up Brush

For most of the women, wearing makeup could be one of the most important things that they are doing every day. Each of them would not want to go out the house without the best look on their face but as part of this kind of activity is also to care for the different materials that they are using including their makeup brushes. Keep reading to learn How to Clean a Make up Brush.

The makeup brushes are being used for almost any kind of makeup and if you want to save the investment for it, you have to make sure that you are going to clean it regularly. If you are going to keep your makeup brushes dirty, it could transfer germs, bacteria and even the old makeup to your skin every time you make use of it. That is something that you really need to avoid.

So, before anything else, you have to make sure that you will know how to clean a make up brush really fast and easy.

# 1: Using Baby Shampoo and Sponge

One of the most common ways being considered by many people is using baby shampoo and sponge in cleaning their makeup brushes. If you have a baby in the house then you can just have a small amount of the shampoo he is using every time you are cleaning your brushes. But, there are more things that you have to do if you are going to choose this kind of method and some of those are the following below:

  •    You have to get a clean sponge and soak it with water. After that, squirt a small amount of baby shampoo for it. You can choose to place the sponge in a bowl for you to easily cleanup the brushes later on.
  •    Make sure that the sponge that you are going to use is really clean or new. You have to avoid using a sponge that has been used in cleaning and washing your dishes. That would only transfer more bacteria to your brushes.
  •    If you do not have a baby shampoo, you can have face cleanser or even mild body wash when cleaning the brushes. Though, there is also some special kind of soaps that is purposely made in cleaning the brushes.
  •    You have to swirl the tips of the brushes on the sponge. This could work in order to saturate the brushes of your makeup but make sure that you will not press too hard as it could damage the hair of your brushes. You just need to lightly rub it off in a circular motion.
  •    Try not to have the soap in the barrel of the brushes where the hairs are commonly attached to the handle. If the water and the soap would get in there, it can cause for the glue to start losing up and the hair would fall off.
  •    If you are going to clean a number of brushes, it is best if you can start with at least two or three brushes at first and you will rinse the sponge and squirt shampoo on it once again.

# 2: Using a Bar of Soap

Another thing that you can make use to clean the brushes of your makeup is the bar of soap. This could be really convenient for you to try and consider especially that you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to clean up your brush. But, for you to make sure that you will become successful in this kind of method, you have to keep in mind the following things below:

  •    It is important that you are going to choose a bar that is a plain soap. That means that there should be no additional lotions or other kind substances that would linger in the hair of your brushes.
  •    You have to wet the soap with the use of the warm water and you should keep it in a bowl so that it won’t get away while you use it later on.
  •    Just like what you have done with the sponge in the earlier mentioned method, you have to start swirling the tips of the brushes on the soap. You have to do this in a circular motion so that the soap would be distributed properly over the hair of the brush.
  •    While you are swirling, make sure that you will avoid pressing down too hard on it as it could damage the hair of your brushes. You have to let the soap do its job in cleaning up your brushes.
  •    You should also avoid letting the soap get into the head where the hairs are all glued because it could make it lose and would shorten the lifespan of your brushes.

Rinsing the Brushes with Warm Water

Whether you have chosen to use sponge and baby shampoo or the bar of soap, you may still need to rinse you brushes with the use of warm water after each process. You have to let the water do the trick of rinsing your brushes as you start twisting it there. You have to rotate the brushes accordingly as you run it in the warm water. Make sure that you will remove the soap on it properly.

However, make sure that you will also consider the following things below:

  •    You have to avoid using hot water because it could greatly damage your brushes, only settle with the use of the warm water.
  •    You can check the brushes if there are some residue of the soap that you have used and you can repeat the rinsing of it for better assurances and results.

Drying Your Brushes in Air

It is important that you will dry your brushes in the air. You have to put it on a clean white towel and let the air dry it out. It would be ideal for you to spread them out to avoid overlapping and be sure that all of your brushes would dry up later on.