How to Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos

How to Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos

The new trend today is to make DIY stuffs or the do-it-yourself thing that is made up of improvise materials and is to be made at home and in your own. There are a number of blogs and sites that teaches you to make these kinds of stuffs. Well, it is a good thing since aside from the fact that you are not to spend money buying or repairing you can actually learn all by yourself. Today I am going to discuss to you how to make your own temporary tattoos. What are you waiting for grab a pen and see the following tips and tricks in making art via tattoos.

If you are wondering what are tattoos then maybe there are a number of answers that will be given to you. Tattoos are body modification and are an art to express one’s creativity by making designs using different kinds of inks into their body. These tattoos can be permanent or maybe temporary. It uses inks and needles to be inserted or deposited in the second layer of the skin which is known as the dermis and as the wounds over the skin heals it elicit the design under the new layer of the skin.

The practice of making tattoos has been widely accepted. There are different areas where you can place your can be on your shoulder, neck, wrist or any other parts of the body. If you are to consider having one, you should expect it to be painful and even more painful to parts of your body which has soft sensitive skin.

History of tattoos

Tattooing is a way ancient people like tribes in America and Africa express their culture and ceremonial rites as well as their social status before. It is a sign of union, identity and respect if you have tattoos printed in which part of your body. It can be written in any language or symbols and as well as in different colors. It can also be images of gods and different canvas; moreover the style and font of each tattoos differ from each tribes present before.

Things to consider before tattooing

Before making tattoos you should consider different things like the design and the prefect time to make one. You should know for a fact that if you have once made a tattoo printed in one part of your body you can never have the chance to donate blood if in some instances it is needed. You should also consider if you are to make it permanent or temporary and also what part of the body you should put it, what font style to use and how big or small it is.

Having a tattoo nowadays has a connotation that you are artistic, expressive and sometimes with bad interpretations like a rebel, in line with a gang or so. Well, you can’t blame someone if he or she wanted to have tattoos. There are now different do it yourself instruction to make your own temporary tattoos. If you wanted or interested to make one here are the steps you can do at home in your own.

Make your own temporary tattoos

  • Know the design of the tattoo you are to print unto your skin before making a design. Before beginning to draw it you should figure out or imagine the design you wanted. You can browse tattoo designs over the internet so as you can have or get an idea. Remember that it will last for few days in your skin and it should be worth the effort.
  • Get a pen to start creating the image. The ink in the pens will be transferred to the skin as you place it on a paper and into your skin. You can use dark colors so as it will be seen clearly and use parchment paper for example as a base. You can trace design and make much ink in every detail but please be reminded that you should not scatter the ink. Do not use permanent inks since they contain chemicals that may cause toxic effects in your skin.
  • After the drawing or tracing the design you can now figure out which part of your body should you place it. you can now start to apply the design to your chosen body part and make help from friends if the part you have chosen is not that quite accessible. If you have schools or works that does not allow tattoos then you should place it in somewhere which is not seen easily.
  • Press the design to the part you have to place your tattoo; you can wipe a wet piece of cloth with warm water for several seconds to transfer the design into your skin.
  • After all of this, you can gently remove the paper and see the new tattoo you have. You can clean it if it has dirt or unwanted inks. If the design doesn’t stick to your skin then you can place the paper again for some time until it is completely transferred. Let it dry for minutes and enjoy your new work of art.

Make your own temporary tattoos easier as ever. No need to pay someone to do it. You can easily make your own temporary tattoos at home. If you wanted to have many temporary tattoos you can have the freedom to do so since it is as easy and simple as the steps explained above. You can look for different designs or make your own symbols and canvas so as it will look more artistic and expressive. You can also choose different colors if you wanted it to be colorful but making it one color that is a dark one is more preferable and cool. Buy a gel pen which has a good quality ink and a paper that lets your design easily be transferred. Be artistic and show your creativity as you make your own temporary tattoos by following the simple instructions.