Paving the Way to Painless Waxing

There are people who are born with smooth skin with little to almost no visible body hair. That is why traipsing in bikini swimsuits and daisy dukes are easy indeed. While there are others who battle a significant amount of body hair on arms and legs that are sometimes limiting when it comes to wardrobe choices in the summer. Some girls even forego the idea of wearing dresses so that there is no need to show their hairy legs. You might probably know a friend or two who wakes up early in the morning just to shave every day. Or you may have friends who have looked like they spent a significant amount of time for painless waxing before they strut their way to the beach.

Ways to Manage Body Hair

Body hair is hair that develops on the body during puberty. Also known as androgenic hair, it is often seen on the chest, arms, legs, face, and pubic area. There are several ways to remove unwanted hair from the body.

One of the most common ways is by shaving by using a manual or electric razor. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to do especially for those who have emergency dates in the evenings. Smoothness usually lasts for one to three days and the hair will grow right away. Another method is by tweezing. Tweezing is removing the hair one by one using a pair of tweezers and pulling the hair from its root. It lasts about three to eight weeks but sometimes shows a slight bump on the skin which some call chicken skin. There is also waxing which uses wax to remove the hair from its root and lasts three to six weeks just like. There is also the newest way to remove body hair which is the laser hair removal. This treatment uses intense pulsed light or IPL for a permanent removal of the hair. You will need to get 6 to 12 treatments until the hair is almost gone.

Out of all these methods, waxing is one of the most popular because compared to tweezing and shaving; it has fewer tendencies to leave bumps on the skin and also takes weeks before the hair grows back. Waxing is also more affordable than the laser hair removal treatment. That is why there so many waxing salons around that offer different kinds of waxing methods. The downside of waxing is that it may hurt. There are salons who offer painless waxing that many go crazy about.

Types of Waxing

The most common body parts that people want waxed is the underarms, legs, upper lip, and bikini area. Materials used for waxing range from hot wax, honey wax, and cream wax. Honey is the most common waxing material which is readily available even in drugstores. Cream wax is the most forgiving and gentle to the skin while the hard wax is the one which you have to melt before applying to the skin. You can make use of waxing strips after applying honey, cream, or hard wax then pull them off together with the hairs you want removed. Hot wax can be pulled as is without waxing strips by slathering an adequate amount of wax to create a thick strip and waiting for it to harden. Once it hardens, peel off an edge of the strip then it off the skin.

There is no specific method for a painless waxing. It is bound to hurt because you are pulling a patch of your hair from its roots in just one go. It is really bound to hurt and the skin will turn red. But what you can do is alleviate and minimize the pain from the method.

How to Lessen Pain in Waxing

Take a hot bath to open the pores and make waxing easier. Make sure that you have exfoliated the area to remove the dead skin that may prevent the wax from grabbing the hairs and experience painless waxing. Prior to waxing, make sure that the area is clean and disinfected because waxing opens pores once you have taken the hair from the roots and bacteria may enter and result to infection. Ensure that the hairs are at a right length for them to attach properly to the wax. Some also advise to take a pain reliever to help numb the skin from the waxing. Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine when you plan on getting waxed to lessen the acidity of the skin. Less acidity means the skin will be less sensitive. Invest on a good after wax soothing cream or aloe vera gel and apply that after you are through with waxing. Do not use ice to numb the pain.

Dos and Don’ts after Waxing

Moisturize everyday and apply soothing antiseptic. Otherwise you can apply any aloe based product or the gel from the aloe vera plant itself. Never forget to cleanse the skin. If skin is no longer red after twenty four hours, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells to prevent pimples or chicken skin. Avoid activities that will require you to perspire too much. The area you have waxed may perspire and bacteria may gather to cause infection. Wear loose clothes and not tight- fitting ones to make room for the area to breathe.

Redness and inflammation is common results of waxing. Know how to alleviate these after- effects with the right products. Pimples, bumps, and ingrown hairs may be avoided as long as you continually moisturize the waxed area. Avoid going to public pools, baths, and saunas to prevent infections.

It is good if you know how to wax on your own but it is still advisable to seek the help of the professional because they are trained to do the treatment and follow the natural growth of the hairs on your desired are to be waxed. Never attempt waxing your bikini area because these are very sensitive areas that need help from the pros. With the right preparation and materials, painless waxing is possible to achieve.