The Best Mascara For Length

The Best Mascara For Length


Not every one of us is blessed with lashes that speak volume with just one flutter. Long and thick lashes instantly frame up our face just like out eyebrows. It is even said that the most beautiful people do not have well-groomed eyebrows but thick and long eyelashes. Luckily, there are just about tons of different formulas and magic wands for every eyelash type that really works the magic for those who never made it to the long-thick-lash department.


The perfect eyelash formula and wand is like finding the perfect moisturizer for your skin or the right lip tint shade that could bring out the best features of your face because it makes all the difference. In addition, learning the best application techniques and other tools that totally work in instantly curling a straight lash is also important, because you can’t just have the best mascara for length in your make up arsenal you also need to have these techniques to move like a pro in opening your eyes into a wider and new view.


Get The Right Tool

You can’t achieve the best looking fringe without arming yourself with the right tool. There are a lot of wand shapes that you could choose from. It can be dizzying especially if the only wands that you have encountered are those that you could find in the drugstore eyelash formula tube that you buy every summer. There are also a lot of formula types. There are those that you often see with your college seatmate which is always perfect for the always on the go type of a person, some that are endorsed by famous artists that promises to be the best mascara for length, and some that are made from all organic ingredients. The important thing here is that you should know what problem that you are addressing like thin lashes or short and stumpy lashes.


Custom-fit Your Formula

There are a lot of formulas that you could try in the counter (this is not actually healthy for your lashes as the bacteria in the testers tubes can be transferred to your eyes and lash which can be a cause of irritation later on) but finding the perfect mascara for our lashes can be very daunting especially if you have mixed lash problems. Some formulas focus on just giving your lash lengthening effect that every woman wants to achieve, some are just focusing on making them look thicker. There are very few formulas that could target to problems at the same time. Now, you can custom fit your formula. Unfortunately, there are only a few counters that mix a formula according to their customers wants and needs.


You Can Use Two Product At The Same Time

Usually, the best mascara for length can be super drying to your lash hair. You can grab moisturizing mascara and use it before your lengthening mascara for a super moisturized yet super lengthy eyelashes. You can also swipe two times your favorite lengthening mascara and top coat it with intensifying mascara which adds life and depth of color.


Prep Your Lashes BeforeCoating

This is a standard regulation before you put anything in your face. The same goes with your lashes. If applying moisturizer and sunscreen to your face is a must before you put your make up on prepping your eyelashes before you coat it is also important. Some mascaras are made from harsh chemicals because, well, that’s the price you have to pay for beauty. So to avoid the product from stripping the oils in your lashes that serves as its natural barrier from dirt and other elements, moisturize it. A thin coat of moisturizing eyelash serum could go a very long way. Some of the best mascara for length will not make your lashes perfect no matter how expensive they are if the lashes are not prepped before coat them.


Eyelash Curler Is A Must

An eyelash curler isn’t invented to just stay in your vanity kit. Use it to add oomph to any eyelash effect you want to create. If you have very stubborn straight lashes that just don’t curl no matter how much eyelash curling formula you apply, try using your eyelash curler. For best effects, heat your eyelash curler by blow drying it for two minutes before you curl your lashes. Three firm squeezes will do the trick. Repeat after your formula is about to dry. When your mascara is dry, push back your lashes with your fingers for a more long-lasting curl and you’ll see that even the best mascara for length will create  beautiful eyelash curls.


Get Fooled By Wand Schemes

All those fancy wand in different shapes and sizes? They are not just clever marketing from the manufacturers. They clearly have true functions. The best mascara for length will not work effectively without its perfect wand partner. You can try this and see for yourself that your trusted eyelash lengthening formula can give you totally different looks when applied using two different wands. In short, your formula and your brush should match.


Give Your Lash Some Lovin’

If you don’t pamper your eyelashes regularly, chances are you have an erratic lash length which can be so frustrating especially if you are trying to achieve super long and wing-like eyelash effect with your mascara. To solve this, do not discontinue your lash serum usage. If it can’t be avoided, try picking mascara that contains botanical ingredients that help promote eyelash growth. You can also go for a dolly lash look that is okay with lashes with an uneven length. Use a big brush to create a star burst effect to avoid the hide the uneven growth of your lash.


Always Take Your Time When Coating Your Lashes

Great results come from patiently coating your lashes three times. If you are the type of a person who just wants a quick payoff and that a swipe or two will do, then it’s time to break that habit. After swiping your first coat, wait for it to let it dry before you put your second and third coat to serve as a base for the next two coats. This will make your eyelashes fuller and will help in catching your hair from the roots.