The Convenience and Quick Way to Tan with Stand Up Tanning Bed

Stand Up Tanning Bed


Have you tried using the tanning bed? Have you tried tanning yourself with it and have the best results? However, you may have tried it and you seem somewhat tight inside since you will be closing the tanning bed with its cover so you have a full tan from head to toe. If you are a claustrophobic person or a person who just does not want tight spaces, then you have an alternative, which is the stand up tanning bed. If you are tired of lying down while, you are being tanned, and then this alternative will also serve the best of your tanning purposes through standing up.

Should I use the same tanning lotions?

You might have doubts if the tanning bed, where you just lie down will have different lotion, but it is actually okay to use the same lotions because the component is still the same. The only feature that changed by the stand up tanning bed is by standing up and you are being tanned all over as the one that you are lying down. Tanning lotions that you see on shops always care for your skin and make it smooth, as the lotions give it moisture and protect your skin against the harmful ultraviolet rays from the tanning bed.

Modes of buying

You can buy tanning lotions using two options, and these are the following:

  • You can buy on the tanning salon or tanning shops, which are expensive and will cost you a lot. As the result, you can only buy one or a couple because of the price, but it is the best quality.
  • On the other hand, you can buy through online shops, which sell them in a greatly discounted price and save you a lot of money. You also do not have to worry about quality because tanning lotions do not rot and lose quality quickly because it is made of chemicals.

If you were given the chance to choose, you would choose the second option, obviously, because you want to save when money is involved, so that you can purchase other needs as well. To be a wise consumer and receive both the benefits of high quality tanning lotion and saving money, you should buy such lotions online. Such online shops are always available as soon as you search them online and you can see numerous results and websites online. Just make sure that you are choosing the safe and secure website that provides the best lotions. With the discounted lotions, you can buy in bulks or bunches so that you always have a spare when your current stand up tanning bed lotion runs out.

Is there such thing as the sunless tanning lotion?

If you are wondering if there are sunless tanning lotions, actually, there is! You can use such lotions when you are just tanning inside the comforts of your home. This is also the best choice for beginners if they have such component inside their houses. Again, the same quality that really gives us the benefit is there—protecting our skin from damage from the ultraviolet rays.

The sun is not present everyday and all throughout the year because the weather and seasons change depending on the months. Some days might rain, some days or months might by windy and rainy, and some seasons might give the cloudy seasons, which are not ideal when you plan to go outside and to do some tanning, because the sun is not there. With all the problems occurring, the remedy to that is the stand up tanning beds and the tanning beds, which you can use anytime and any season to have that glow of tan on your skin.

Do not expose yourself to sun because of one main reason

Tanning through the tanning beds and using tanning lotions became popular because of the harmful effects that were announced and this is; the sun’s rays are not suitable for long exposures because it will destroy the skin as well as the risk in having skin cancer. Now, the tanning lotions and the tanning bed technology are present in our generation and you do not have to be going out to the sun again because you have the stand up tanning beds that will provide such purpose.

With such technology discovered and widely used today, your skin would not be in danger because the sun’s rays is far from the tanning bulbs, and the applied lotions are working its way through your skin by giving it moisture and the right protection from the sun. In addition to that, your whole skin will recover and would have the restructuring of your skin cells to become healthier than it was before.

It looks best but it does not feel right

Many think about people tanning under the sun and achieving that tan shade of the skin is beautiful. Indeed, it is, but mostly do not see that under that tan color is the damage skin from too much exposure from the sun that might lead to risks of complications and other skin diseases. That is the reason why, to be beautiful does not mean that you should risk your health; you should achieve beauty in a safe and natural way. Most importantly, it does not only save you time and money, but it also saves you from the dangers as well as benefiting the appearance to look beautiful and blooming inside and out.

You see, when you achieve that golden tan look and you choose the worse way in doing it, think again because you are just destroying your skin when there are other ways that are safe and trusted, which will provide you with outstanding effects. Stand up tanning bed and tanning bed is always there to serve you and achieve the glow that you always dreamed of. Just make sure that you have the right tanning lotion for your skin, stand up or lie down and relax, and then see the results after the tanning process. Health first before beauty, that should be your reminder.