The Purple Mascara Perfect For You

For different occasion females usually invest things to look proper and presentable. They used to buy a new bag, shoes and dress in every occasion they are to attend. However, not only material things but they do prepare and invest for their hair, nails, skin and make ups. It common to a female to prepare for these things since their goal is to be stunning for that said occasion or event. You can deny for a fact that being a female is very costly and requires high skilled and artistic character and personality.

If you are to use different make ups styles each day of your life then maybe you sometimes run out of design. Today I will discuss to you about the makeup purple mascara so as to help you have an idea on something new.

What Is  Purple Mascara?

There are a number of cosmetic materials you can use for your face. There are these lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, blush on and most especially mascara. If you don’t know what a mascara is then it is defined as a cosmetic material used to enhance or draw more dimension and emphasis to the eyes. It may be used to darken, broaden, lengthen and color the eyelashes of the eyes. It is normally in the form of liquid, cake or cream. It is made up of different ingredients under the category of mixed components of pigments, oils and waxes, most especially preservatives. A purple mascara is fit for night parties and dark themed occasions. It shows high fashion sense since purple colored cosmetics does not suit all skin tones for women. However it takes one’s confidence to carry on this kind of mascara color.

Purple mascaras are perfect for green or blue eyes however your brown or black eyes can use this color also. There are a number of brands of purple mascara which is trusted and safe to use. If you don’t know how to one here are some steps that is very simple and easy to have the perfect eyelashes for you.

How To Apply Mascara: Simple And Easy Steps

There are several steps for you to follow to apply a mascara. First and fore mostly you should apply first other make ups such as powder or foundation. This is to make a base for your face so as the color of other make ups will be found present in as someone look to you. Choose a foundation or powder that best suits your skin tone. You can now start to put eyeliners and eyeshadows after putting a base of foundation. The next thing to do is to put the purple mascara, if you worry that it will smudge then you can put something to like cards or papers to prevent that to happen. You can also optionally, curl your eyelashes using curlers to increase its length and make it more stylish. Open the mascara, rub the applicator ends on the inside rim of the tube to get enough mascara ink. You need to position yourself in a comfortable place such as mirrors to see how mascara works in your eyes. You should have the perfect balance for the arm that you will be using in the application of mascara. You can now start to apply the mascara wand to the roots of your eyelashes and gently pull it down. Slightly jar the mascara wand back and forth to separate the eyelashes and prevent it clumps. Repeat the process so as you can get every lash and have it colored. You can use a lash comb to the lash roots and pull it up so it will be looking great. Do this once if the mascara ink was dried so as to prevent it to flake off into your eyes down to your cheeks and ruin all your effort making up. You can also hold the mascara wand in vertical position to add more colors to the eyelashes. Once all is done, you can remove the smudges using wet tissue or cotton buds. Use your fingers to blend your eyeshadow make up to back in. lastly, look for the result of the finished product. The color of your eyeshadow must fit in the color of the mascara. This is so to have a good make up blend that give you the most stunning appearance for that said event.

Some people do not need mirrors to do apply mascara since they have the skill to make it even without mirrors. Some females who are very vain and stylish look for magnified mirrors to accurately put the mascara in place.

Other Tips On Applying The Purple Mascara

Aside from the step by step process given above there are other tips to be given to you as you try to apply for your mascara:

  • To apply an even thin mascara in which professional artist do, you can pull up your eyelids using one of your fingers and gently stroke the mascara inward and outward lashes of yours to obtain the perfect eyelashes that fits your eyeshadows.
  • Before applying your mascara as mentioned you can use curlers to the tip of your eyelashes to increase its length and to really show off your mascara. Long eyelashes will greatly give more emphasis to your eyes and is an additional plus factor to make you more attractive and stunning for that night.
  • You should not apply too much mascara ink since it will highly risk for smudging and have it ruin the whole make up.
  • Make it more natural and don’t over react on making up. Simplicity is always a way better that a more complicated make up.
  • Go for product brands that is highly trusted and is of high quality. There are a lot of products out there that is highly recommendable, gives high quality but is cheap and affordable. Make reviews on the ingredients used to it and look if it is hypersensitive. Use products with less or no lead to avoid toxicity and unwanted situations.