Tips For Growing Facial Hair with Beard Moisturizer

Tips For Growing Facial Hair with Beard Moisturizer

Of the most trending accessories that men run crazy after is having a nice-looking beard. No one really understands why it’s such a craze. However, if girls put meticulous effort on their hair and make-up, boys work on their muscles and their beards. Men have different reasons and go to different lengths when growing beards. It really depends whether it’s for sociability, self-affirmation, or even love conquests. One thing is for sure: all men want a beard at some point of their lives.

Why Do Men Like Beards?

Most people see beards as a sign of masculinity. Historically speaking, the beard is a symbol of power and dominance. You would hear people say that they feel intimidated when they meet a person with an awesome beard. This is the most common reason why men grow a stubble, for example. This emphasizes their manliness. Growing facial hair is a self-affirming act to boost confidence in men.

Of course, when you’re just entering puberty, facial hair is an emblem of manhood and maturity. Sooner or later, you’ll be undergoing bodily transformations, the transition to manhood. Most of the times, though, men just use their facial hair to attract ladies. Scientifically speaking, there’s no real proof yet whether women are more attracted to men with facial hair or those clean-shaved guys. It doesn’t stop the guys from putting on a beard moisturizer in desperate times, though. What science did prove, however, is that having a beard is a sign of having an active testosterone production in the body, which means you’re healthy. Whatever the reason is, having a beard is a trend.

Sharing The Best Practices

Amazingly, you don’t really have to do anything to grow facial hair because it’s in your genes to do so. That’s one of the functions of testosterone production in the body. However, if you’re metabolism is slow, a healthy lifestyle is the right way to go about when growing facial hair. You don’t need to jump on board with taking in supplements or trying out a beard moisturizer to grow facial hair. Sometimes, you just to let it go and let it grow on its own.

Growing facial hair usually needs time, atleast a month at best. If you want to have fast hair growth, follow the doctor’s advice and always ensure a good rest. Six hours of sleep allow the body to repair damaged cells and regenarate faster. Stress management is also a must because beauty and health experts agree it slows down metabolism. In this case, engaging in sports, meditation or yoga, physical activities that helps you manage stress, will do you some good. This means you have to give up bad habits like smoking. Chemicals like nicotine hinders nutrient absorption and doesn’t help your body work properly.

The best results are achieved, however, if you keep a well-balanced diet everyday. Your body is already preset to grow facial hair. The only thing it needs is a boost for it to function at optimal level. A diet rich in Biotin (also known as Vitamin B7) promotes high levels of keratin, known to help with great hair quality and faster growth. Biotin is normally found in the formulation of a beard moisturizer most of the times. Although, many biotin supplements are also available in the market. Taking in 2.5 mg a day does the trick. Other vitamins like A, B, C and E also fasten the growth process. This is also true for protein so make sure to include fish, eggs, peanuts and the like in your everyday meals.

Plan B: The Alternative Remedies

If you’re still having troubles growing a stubble, then you need a little boost from facial skincare strategies like a facial massage or a beard moisturizer. The fact is, keeping your skin healthy plays a large role in promoting facial hair growth. You need to observe constant moisturization and exfoliation. Make sure to clean your skin off pollutants every morning and before sleeping. Skin dryness contribute to a slow hair growth rate because dead skin cells and invasive, environmental substances (such as dust particles) hinder and obstruct the growth by accumulating around your hair roots.

The good thing is that you can try many alternatives for a beard moisturizer besides the products being offered in the commercial markets. However, if you do use products being advertised to the public by commercial skincare companies, go for moisturizers that contain eucalyptus in its formula. Eucalyptus has always been known to help promote facial hair growth. Amla oil blended with mustard leaves is also a powerful yet natural remedy to increase facial hair growth. You just need to massage your skin with the smooth paste mixture and leave it on for 15-20 minutes for absorption. Then rinse your face with cold water. The same goes for blending cinnamon powder and lime juice. Just apply it for 25-30 minutes. Afterwards, use an effective cleanser and an additional beard moisturizer to maximize results.

Besides skincare products, you can also opt for other strategies like steam therapy. This type of therapy helps in the rehydration of your skin and moisturization that prepares your skin for facial hair growth. A facial massage allows better blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth. Some strategies don’t work, though, such as applying hair care products on your face. The chemicals may just trigger an adverse reaction. However, clinical tests have concluded that drugs sold over the counter, like Rogain (or also known as Minoxidil), help with hair growing.

The Beard Treatment: Tips In Grooming

Of course, once facial hair starts growing, you need to maintain it or your efforts will go to waste. As a reminder, don’t trim or shape your facial hair too often. You should know that shaving everyday to make beards grow faster has no scientific basis. Allow some time for full growth to occur. Six weeks is the recommended timeframe before you start cutting or trimming it to the style you’d like. Speaking of styles, you better decide what kind of beard you want to have first. Studies show girls are more attracted to men with stubbles if you’re on a love conquest. On the other hand, a full beard and mustache makes you more macho and exude intimidation. Whatever your reason is for growing a beard, knowing what you want first is the first step to keeping it that way for a prolonged period of time.