What Are Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos?

What Are Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos?

There are so many diseases made known as the years go by. Even before the ancient times, the occurrence of diseases is common and is something natural. Today aside from the increasing diseases being discovered the growth of drugs and chemical to lessen or eliminate it is also growing which is a good thing. However, there is this one condition that when it hits a person have no specific drug to eliminate the disease however managements and therapies are the only way to be a survivor. Maybe you know what condition is that well, I will not keep you waiting, that condition is called cancer. Yes, cancer is one condition in which there has no specific drug to cure for it.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a condition in which cell grows abnormally and infect the tissues, organs and other cells near to them. The body is made up of billions to trillions of cells and is to work by dividing to make new cells and die in an orderly manner. If a person is young, cells do divide faster so as to keep the person grow and after the person turns to be an adult it slows down up until it only divides to replace worn out cells or also known as dying cells and might as well repair injuries from accidents and other traumas and instances. Cancer will start if there are cells as it was mentioned who grows abnormally and or out of control. Cancer cells differ in normal cells, instead of dying they do multiple other abnormal cells and invade different parts of the body starting from relative cells, tissues to organ. As the cancer cells grow in the body it can cause the deterioration of body’s immune system and is to manifest different signs and symptoms that will let the patient be weak and eventually die. It is believed however not proven that these may be caused by different microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, fungi and prions. There are no proven facts however as to whether what the root cause of cancer is really.

How To Know If You Have Cancer?

Cancer often starts to form tumors. However, in the case of some types of cancer like leukemia it does not form tumor but is very life threatening. As soon as you noticed that you have a tumor or so you should eventually seek medical help from doctors. These tumors push aside cells, invade nearby tissues which are normal and crowd it also to be infected.

What Are The Types Of Cancer?

There are a lot and over a hundred types of cancer. Some of the most popular cancer types which are commonly experienced and have the most cases are:

  • Leukemia. It is a cancer of the blood which as mentioned does not form tumors. It starts with the manifestation of anemia like symptoms and is to cause more problems like bleeding and pallor.
  • Lung cancer. As the name implies the cell of the lungs are growing abnormally causing cancer. Signs and symptoms include dyspnea, difficulty in breathing and other lung related manifestations like in asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.
  • Liver cancer. This type of cancer accounted for several cases since most of the people today are fun drinking alcoholic beverages which may be a risk factor of having liver cancer. Its signs and symptoms include GIT pain, jaundice and others.
  • Brain tumor. This kind of cancer may be considered as the most expensive since it requires series of surgery and s very complicated because it is located in the brain. You may experience severe migraines and other head related pain as a manifestation of the condition.
  • Thyroid cancer. It is a cancer in which as the name implies found in the thyroid gland. You can easily eliminate it by thyroidectomy or removal of thyroid gland thus removing cancer cells. There are a number of survivors in this type of cancer since it has something to do with surgery and removal only. But if the cancer cell has spread to the nearby organs or tissues it is another story and treatment.
  • Prostate cancer. It is the most prevalent type of cancer affecting the men in the society. Well, it can be easily cured since all you need to do is remove the prostate gland via surgery. However, some would still not survive in the situation since cancer cells has infected other parts of the body near to prostate.
  • Breast cancer. This cancer type may be considered which has the most number of cases. It is very prominent in women but still males can have breast cancer. It can be manifested with cyst and mass near or in the breast. Just like prostate you can remove the breast via surgery to eliminate cancer. There are a lot of survivors in this kind of cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Since breast cancer has been the leading cancer types which ranks as the number one which has the most cases breast cancer ribbon tattoos are being implemented. Breast cancer ribbon tattoos are the newest way to let other be aware of the said condition. In breast cancer ribbon tattoos, you are to choose designs among the thousands to be tattooed on which part of your body. This is done by others to be part of the solidarity movement to raise the awareness of other females and males for the said campaign to eliminate breast cancer instances. Breast cancer tattoos can be for you or for your loved ones. As you join the campaign you can also see other women you have their breast cancer tattoos into them. It is very inspiring and you can also find strength and hope knowing the fact that there are so many people who are part of the campaign and know what you feel and what you’re going through even if you don’t know them by names or meet them.

Cancer is one deadly condition that requires one’s strength to fight on. You must increase your awareness in this kind of condition so as you will not experience to have one. Be part of the movement and let other also know about cancer.