What To Know About Thinning Eyebrows

What To Know About Thinning Eyebrows

For females it is something very important to look great each single day of their lives. One is to invest something like bags, shoes, dresses and even make treatments for their face, hair, nails and skin. Women uses make ups just to look stunning for that said day. Eyebrows are one important thing or part of the face that give dimension to the face, more attention to the eyes and can be related to one’s mood. If someone you know is in a bad mood or is angry you can see his or her eyebrows are crossed to each other and if they are in a good mood or happy their eyebrows are straight. There are different techniques to give emphasis to females’ eyebrows. It is a cliché for women you make details in their eyebrows that they are the one who are proper, high standard, vain and organized. This is so since thinning eyebrows is something less important than the lipstick, blush on and eye shadows.

Each people differ eyebrows. Some have very sparse eyebrows and some have light eyebrows. There are different ways to find the perfect eyebrows for you to fit in the day and might as well your overall appearance. Females usually spend money for someone to shape their eyebrows’ arch in and make it more classy and outstanding. Here are some tips you can do so as to get the perfect eyebrows.

Thinning The Eyebrows

Rather than paying someone to pluck your eyebrows and feel the pain as they do it, you can have it to be less painful and more beautiful. All you need to do is focus on cutting excess hairs and shaping them in the perfect arch you wanted. You need the following materials below to make this happen.

  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Small scissors (manicure scissors is the most preferable)
  • Tweezers
  • Mirror

The first thing to do is to face a mirror and shape your desired eyebrow arch using the eyebrow pencil. You can search a different arch that perfectly match the dimension of your face and gives more emphasis to your eyes. Pluck the excess hairs which are not part of the shape you wanted. Well, this may cause a little pain but you can use creams like cortisone cream to alleviate the redness after plucking. As soon as you pluck and get the desired shape you wanted on one side you can do the same on the opposite side also. Repeat the process as you completely turn your eyebrows into the desired shape. Thinning eyebrows is easy as plucking and shaping though this may cause more time consumption and patience.


There are different other methods so as you can eliminate the pain in plucking you excess hairs as you get the perfect eyebrow shape you wanted. If you wanted it to be with no pain then you can use thinning eyebrow method that does not require plucking or shaving.

Thinning eyebrows without plucking or shaving

You may think that this is impossible since if you have thick eyebrows the only thing to really do is pluck to or cut the excess hairs. However, here are some tips you can do to remove pain but have beautiful eyebrows.


The first you should do is moistening the eyebrows. You can place water on your brush and brush it through the hair brow. It is the same principle as you soak your hair in shower; it is easily manage if it is wet.  Place the stencil in your eyebrow and start combing it o brushing it in the direction following the stencil hole. The goal is to let all the hair brows follow the stencil hole and get the desired shape and arch. You can sometimes remove the stencil to crush up or down the hair outside the hole so as it will become part of the arch. Keep combing until hair brows completely follow one arch. You can apply gel so as to have a firm hold and let it dry for several minutes. After that, you can notice that all your hair brows are into one arch and that the time you can apply powder tail after the gel dried. Results will show you a beautiful eyebrow perfect for your face value. No pain from tweezing and plucking just a mere patience in combing.


Taking care of your brows does not end in thinning eyebrows. You should know the perfect shape of brows that will fit you face value. You can use different colors of eyebrow filler to make it more stunning. It is advisable for people who have thick eyebrows to use dark colored filler and for those having light eyebrows keep the color brown so as it is more natural and is good to look upon. You can use a straight object or a pencil per se to determine the shape of your brows. You can put the pencil vertically on the edge of your nose and move it up until to the point where you wanted your brows to stop. You can start to trim or comb it as soon as you get the shape. It is also your duty to maintain it every single day. You can always use different fillers and gels to fill sparse and set your eyebrows. Do an everyday routine to maintain the beauty of your brows.


Finishing your brows is not the end for your stunning look every day. You should consider also the makeup you are to use- if it is hard, light or natural look make up. You should match the colors you will use in each makeup so as it will complement each other. You should also first and fore mostly consider your skin tone to every makeup and things you will do to your face or skin per se. Always use trusted brands and buy the cosmetic  products that has less lead to avoid toxic effects, irritations and other skin related problems. Be stunning and head turner lady. Don’t stick to one appearance, be creative and stylish. Start by thinning eyebrows!